The Dark Side of Consent Mode V2

⚠ If you have NOT yet implemented CoMo, and you will, you may face an IRREVERSIBLE drop (unlike what was shown in my previous post called GA4 Consent Mode v2 Effects).

This will definitely happen if your website is not getting enough traffic to allow GA4 behavioral modeling.

The main prerequisites are as follows:

☑ The property collects at least 1,000 events per day with analytics_storage=’denied’ for at least 7 days.
☑ The property has at least 1,000 daily users submitting events with analytics_storage=’granted’ for at least 7 of the previous 28 days.

💁‍♂️ Consider very carefully whether you really need to implement CoMo, because the data collected may no longer be statistically significant for your reports.

💡 Also remember that CoMo is NOT a GDPR requirement.

You can find the other prerequisites for modeling here.

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