Consent Mode… when Size Doesn’t Matter!

A 20-week drop with traffic above 6,000% of prerequisites 😱

Google documentation states that:
✔ Behavioral modeling starts from the date a given property becomes eligible

❓ But when does it become eligible?

Google documentation states that:
✔ The property has at least 1,000 daily users sending events with analytics_storage=’granted’ for at least 7 of the previous 28 days

But…  it also says:
⚠ It may take more than 7 days of meeting the data threshold within those 28 days to train the model successfully; however it’s possible that even the additional data won’t be sufficient for Analytics to train the model

💁‍♂️ So, if you implement Consent Mode for the first time, be prepared for a data drop that you know when it starts but can’t know when it ends…

Have you ever seen such a thing? 👇

ℹ if you have already implemented CoMo v1, you will not notice any difference with CoMo v2… you already had the drop

According to what Google says it was an eligibility issue. Being in doubt we promptly started ss tracking in the backup property and no customers were hurt

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