🔮 [GA4/GAds] Consent Mode V2 Drop Collection… as it was intended

In the past few days I have published some posts warning about the effects of Consent Mode V2.

🤨 Many were skeptical, in a good way….

That is, it was assumed that those implementing CoMo v2 today already had CoMo v1. In the ideal world this is a correct assumption, however, the real world was (is) full of mismanaged cookiebars.

So, if you see a drop in traffic in GA4 after the implementation of Consent Mode V2, it is completely normal.

Three things can happen at this point:
1️⃣ traffic will not return to previous level
2️⃣ traffic will return to previous level after 2 weeks
3️⃣ traffic will return to previous level, but no one will know when….

The reasons for these points are given in my posts below:

👉 The Dark Side of Consent Mode V2: https://www.analyticstraps.com/the-dark-side-of-consent-mode-v2/
👉 CONSENT MODE V2 Basic means JEOPARDIZES your BUSINESS: https://www.analyticstraps.com/ga4-%f0%9f%9a%a8-consent-mode-v2-basic-means-jeopardizes-your-business/
👉 Consent Mode… when Size Doesn’t Matter: https://www.analyticstraps.com/consent-mode-when-size-doesnt-matter/
👉 No Data Modeling with CONSENT MODE V2 Basic: https://www.analyticstraps.com/ga4-%f0%9f%91%a4%e2%9d%8c-no-data-modeling-with-consent-mode-v2-basic/

⁉ What about Google Ads?
Look at the image attached to current post, specifically at the bottom right, just above my head… many people are getting this effect 📉

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