[📉 GAds]¬†Drop in Google Ads audience data source since March 6… is it a coincidence?

In this report, the continuous decrease in the number of visits received from your data source has been observed by many Google Ads users.

❓ Do you also observe this situation in your Accounts as well?

You can check if there is a drop in your case as well from here:

Tools and Settings --> Shared Library --> Audience Management --> in Google Ads Tags click on Details

The curious thing is that the drop occurs practically at the same time as Google’s Consent Mode V2 startup deadline.

❓ What do you think it is due to?

1️⃣ A misconfiguration of CoMo V2 on your website, you are losing your audience
2️⃣ A bug in the UI, the audiences are there, you can’t see it but you can use it
3️⃣ An issue with Google Ads after the launch of CoMo V2 that will affect performance
4️⃣ I found out that it is something else 👇

I had anticipated this graph in the screenshot of my last post along with the drops in GA4: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7172871455133556737/

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