[GA4 ⚠🛒] With CoMo V2 Basic you are Data-Driven… but without a Driver’s License!

If you rely on GA4 data with the Consent Mode Basic, you may not be aware that the data you are using may be entirely misleading.

In the screenshot I show this scenario:

1️⃣ an user clicks on one of your Ads for “Product 1”
2️⃣ lands on “Product 1” page and (without interact with the cookie bar) clicks on Product 2
3️⃣ accesses the Product 2 page and grants consent to cookies
4️⃣ continues into the purchase funnel
5️⃣ continues on to complete the purchase

🤑 We would expect to see in GA4 a purchase from a Paid campaign that lands on Product 1


😨 You will actually see a purchase from the Direct channel with landing on Product 2


Are you confident that you can make correct investment evaluations based on this data? 👇

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