Block Analytics tag before a user consents, definitely generates a drop in GA4 traffic (if you had CoMo v1 you already had the drop, if you implement it today with CoMo v2 you will).

The biggest problem with CoMo Basic is not only that you collect about half of the data, but that the data collected are incongruent.

Think of this scenario:
1️⃣ User lands on the Home page of your website by clicking a result on Google
2️⃣ Without giving consent, clicks on the menu and goes to the Contact page
3️⃣ On this page gives consent, notes the phone number, and exits the website after a few seconds

Here is what happens to your data in GA4:

❌ The landing page will NOT be the “Home page” but the “Contact” page
❌ The source of the session will NOT be “Organic” but “DIRECT”
❌ The number of pages visited will NOT be “2” but “1”
❌ The session will be considered a “BOUNCE
❌ Metrics related to session duration, time on page, etc. will also be affected

Are you sure you want to base your business on analyzing this data? 👇

Google Documentation about Consent Mode:

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