[GA4 💥🆕] UPDATE: Cardinality, Thresholding & Sampling in GA4 Magic Reports!

Starting today, all new reports will contain the following data accuracy information:

👉 Cardinality: if “Yes”, indicates some buckets of dimension combinations are rolled into “(other)” row. This can happen for high cardinality reports.

👉 Thresholding: if “Yes”, the report is subject to thresholding and only returns data that meets the minimum aggregation thresholds.

👉 Sampling: if the report results is sampled, this describes the percentage of events used in this report (take a look at the screenshot below).

🆓 If you don’t know it yet, you can install the *GA4 Magic Reports* add-on from here to automate GA4 to Google Sheets (it’s 100% FREE): https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/ga4_magic_reports/6532356327

Let me know what you think about this update!

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