GA4 Magic Audit: Google Sheets add-on

Access all of your Google Analytics™ 4 settings in Google Spreadsheets™.

GA4 Magic Audit add-on helps you view Google Analytics™ 4 settings more easily in Google Sheets™.

Install the Google Sheets™ add-on

To use the GA4 Magic Audit add-on, you must first add it to your Spreadsheet.
You can go directly to the add-on in the Google Workspace™ Marketplace and install the add-on:

The add-on is then available in every Google Spreadsheet™ under “Extensions” menu.

Run a new GA4 Audit

Select “Extensions” > “GA4 Magic Audit” > “Run new GA4 Audit” in the menu bar. A modal window will appear in the center of the screen with which you can select the GA4 Account and Property to analyze.

GA4 Magic Audit provides information on your GA4 Account/Property configuring based on:

→ General Settings (Properties, Streams, Attributions, Firebase);
→ Data Governance (Google Signals, Data Retention, Users and Roles);
→ Connected Products (Google Ads, BigQuery);
→ Tracking Configuration (Conversion Events, Custom Dimensions and Custom Metrics);
→ Audience.

Fig. 1 – GA4 Magic Audit report in Google Sheets

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You can use this Google Sheets add-on for free. For more information please visit our terms and conditions and privacy policy.