In digital, the idea that copying website or initiatives of the strongest competitor in your market will allow you to remain competitive in the market, is one that can cost you dearly.

What works for one, may not work for another

5 reasons why you shouldn’t do it:

❌ you can’t know if what you are copying is really working for your competitor; his strategy may not even be data-driven;
❌ if your competitor has already been in the market for a long time, your potential customers will recognize it in your imitation, and all you will do is say that you lack creativity;
❌ your competitors might focus on a different demographic group than yours; copying them means targeting the wrong people;
❌ you may not have the same resources as your competitor, both financial and organizational, to carry out the same kind of strategy;
❌ you will always be late with any innovation you are promoting.

✅ Instead, being innovative and doing something outside the box might help you.
Of course, this is something that requires courage and involves risk. Your ideas may never go viral and there will be more failures than successes.
However, unleashing your potential can give you tremendous success compared to doing what is easy and apparently involves less risk.

Let me know your experience in the comments if you have also heard phrases like, “Our competitor does this, so we should do it too.” 😅👇

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